Lake Cumberland Housing Agency – Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher:

What do I need to do to get my unit on the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program?

The landlord does not have to do anything, initially, unless they would like to add their unit to our list of available units for rent to families who apply through the HCV Program.  If a landlord should decide to list their unit, they can still lease their property to others who are not on our program.

Once I rent my unit through the HCV Program is it always a “HUD” unit?  

The unit is only considered ‘HUD assisted’ when you have a family in the unit receiving HCV assistance. Once the family moves out, the lease is up and the assistance stops.

Does the HUD Agency find the tenant to go in my unit?

We can list your unit on our “available units” listing.  Once the applicants have been approved and issued a voucher, the applicant is responsible for finding a unit they are qualified for.  The landlord is responsible for screening and selecting the family they would like to occupy their unit, just like you would with any other tenant.

Does the HUD agency pay all the rent for the family/tenant?

The amount of rent paid by the family and our Agency is determined by several factors.  The family’s income, household size, the contract rent charged by the landlord, and the utilities the family must pay, are all factored into who is responsible for what amount paid to the landlord.  Once the amounts paid are determined, the family’s portion will be paid directly to the landlord.  The Lake Cumberland Housing Agency will do an ACH direct deposit to the landlord for the remaining amount.

How long is the contract with the HUD agency?

The Housing Assistance Payment contract, or HAP , has an initial term of one-year.  The family is required by program rules to remain in the unit for that initial term.  After the initial year term,  the  lease can be renewed for another year unless either the landlord or the family does not wish to renew.  However, if the lease is renewed, the family may move at any time by giving a thirty (30) day written notice to the landlord and our Agency.  

Can the landlord terminate the lease?

Yes. The landlord may give notice to terminate the lease with the family.  You must follow your lease when terminating the lease.  A copy of the notice must be given to our Agency.

If you have any questions or would like to list your unit with our agency please feel free to contact our office at 270-343-4740.